Our favorite workout is running our mouths.

About Us

Stephanie Ruby

Chief Rabble Rouser at the Hungry Mother

Stephanie Ruby is a Elverson, PA based blogger, baker and yogi. Growing up loud and obnoxious in Miami, FL, Stephanie was picked on from a young age for her enthusiasm and gregariousness and she always felt different. After surviving 13 years of Catholic school, she moved away to college to become a Democrat. After working in political campaigns and fundraising, she moved to Elverson to start a family with her husband, Ron. Along the way, she picked up a serious yoga habit and is currently pursuing her teacher training. She lives on two acres in the country with her son, Zachary, her dog, Colby, and her husband. Her mother & stepfather just moved from Miami to her street. She likes bourbon, yoga and twitter. She dislikes sexism, racism, closed minds and olives.

Kodi Seaton

Head Muckety Muck of KodiSeaton.com

Kodi Seaton is a Washington, D.C. based graphic designer, alleged adult and semi-professional internet person. As a blogger, he empowers others through hilarious, intimate confessionals, inspiring readers to forge healthier lifestyles. Newly single after a thirty-year affair with mac and cheese, Kodi’s approach to goal setting and personal development has attracted the attention of major media outlets and fitness brands. Kodi’s passions include trying to find a common thread between social justice, volunteering, hip-hop and bourbon. He can frequently be found petting his beloved fitness tracker, decimating checklists and passionately advocating against pants. He has never been featured in any Tyler Perry films, nor episodes of Hoarders, or To Catch a Predator. Thus, his parents remain proud.

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